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FPE Foods and Agro-allied Ltd.

We’re an award winning company, and one of the fastest growing agribusiness firm in Nigeria!

More than 3 Years of Experience in the Agribusiness, Food Processing, and Agro-allied Industry...

FPE Foods and Agro-allied Ltd. is an indigenous fast growing, dynamic and progressive agribusiness firm in Nigeria.

We are among the major players in the agribusiness sector in Nigeria and Africa.

All What We Do

We're committed to excellent service delivery, we offer the following services:

Foods and Agro-allied Processing and Packaging

FPE Foods and Agro-allied Ltd. have a world class food processing factory, where we process our farm produce to other consumable food products.


At FPE Foods and Agro-allied Ltd., we’re actively involved in the cultivation of the two top world ranked products: rice & cassava.

Import and Exports of Goods

At FPE Foods and Agro-allied Ltd., we import and export general goods for our clients' needs.

General Contracts

FPE Foods and Agro-allied Ltd. is open for general contracts from companies, etc.

What We've Achieved So Far...

We've grown well in the past few years...

We have insured the factory with one of the best insurance company in Nigeria
We have won an international Award of Excellence
We have been able to get NAFDAC numbers for our products
Over 1,000,000 pieces of products sold

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An easy-to-digest way to make an extra or full time income by distributing our high-in-demand products!

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