About Us



There was once a time in the history of Nigeria, when we flourished and made wealth solely from the proceeds of agriculture and things we just fine until we discovered crude oil in the year 1956, then we joined ranks of oil producers in 1958 when our first oil field came on stream.

Since the time we experienced this monumental change and transition, agriculture began to suffer serious decline.

We have now to a point where what we have depended on for so long (crude oil) can no longer sustain us.

We are a stage where there’s a worldwide decline in quantity and value of major world mineral resources and it has been predicted that by the year 2050, the world’s mineral reserve will run to an end, hence, the need to seek, explore and exploit alternatives sources of sustenance, including alternative sources of income and energy.

However, this has been a major source of concern in the Nigeria of today.

Although we know that agriculture has the answers to our needs, but the not so lucrative appeal with which agriculture has been painted with since the oil boom has made it hard to harness its potentials.

The proportion of people who practice agriculture to that of those of who seek white collar employment and other forms of investment is very ridiculous.

Although, the government keep working on plans to resuscitate the agricultural sector and restore it to its place of pride, no government has been fully able to achieve the dream over the year.

That is however because this is not a problem, the government alone can solve.

The government can make policies and setup parastatals and corresponding infrastructure to facilitate this resuscitation process, but the government alone cannot see it through.

There is the need for individuals and private organisations to rise up and challenge the status quo and harness the potentials deeply embedded in the agricultural sector.

The agricultural sector has been a gold mine sitting right under our noses for so long because we failed to recognize the numerous potentials it possesses, ranging from food production, income generation, alternative sources of energy, even massive employment opportunities to mention but a few.

FPE Foods and Agro-allied Ltd., having recognized this problem and the potentials in the agricultural sector, decided to join the league of change makers to mine the gold out of agriculture, employing dynamism and professionalism in its approach to solving problems such as poverty, malnutrition and unemployment.

It is generally accepted that lack of professionalism is one of the greatest obstacles to development in any nation, and to overcome this challenge and attract the required growth and development into the country, professionalism and dynamism must be prioritized.

FPE Foods and Agro-allied Ltd. was established with this objective in mind and to be the country’s delight, delivering results to the stated objectives of the business and the interest of its Investors.

The company aims at delivering unprecedented value to its clients, stakeholders and the Investors, while creating new opportunities for economic diversification, value addition and wealth creation.



FPE Foods and Agro-allied Ltd. was founded in 2012 as a small scale idea and was named Paragon Concepts.

However, by 2016 the scope of the business had expanded and operations got bigger.

Then in 2017, FPE Foods and Agro-allied Ltd. was registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) of Nigeria and full scale operation commenced the same year with the mission of putting our products on every home in the world and other related services of the highest professional standard.

Our attraction to the area is because the lack of professionalism is one of the greatest obstacles to development in our society.

The underlying drive for the business therefore is our desire to redefining the sectors, providing professional solutions that would accelerate the process of national development.

FPE Foods and Agro-allied Ltd. is uniquely positioned to serve the needs of her customers with its Headquarters and processing factory located at Ogbomoso and Iseyin, Oyo State, Nigeria respectively.

FPE Foods and Agro-allied Ltd. is committed to diversification of Nigeria’s economy over and done with investment in the agricultural sector and we are equally committed to assisting farmers and other agro-allied businesses to fully recognize the value of investment in the sector, helping them succeed at building successful agro-allied businesses that guarantee stable returns on investment (ROI).

We are dedicated to innovation, excellent customer service and building a strong base of a highly skilled work force.

We strive for continual improvement in all areas of the business, thus, we are constantly challenge ourselves to be a step ahead in quality and innovative services delivery.



Our Vision

Our vision is to be an excellent trustworthy and profitable one-stop business solution that yields growth and development to the people with global presence.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver our products/services to every home, business, and markets thereby supplying the products demand of the world.

In addition, we work towards  the optimum satisfaction of our customers through an enabling work environment where our staffs are inspired to be the best.

We view ourselves as partners with our customers, our suppliers and our shareholders/subscribers, creating value and prosperity for all stakeholders and for our respective communities at large.


We conduct our business based on four basic principles;

Customer First: We are a customer-centric organization and we demonstrate this by always anticipating, understanding and excelling at meeting the needs of our customers.

Honesty and Integrity: We have institutionalized a culture that values honesty, integrity and the reinforcement of corporate values through personal example.

Teamwork: We recognize that our employees are our greatest asset. As a result we have created a work environment that values teamwork, full participation and empowerment so that employees work together to realize their full potential, for the overall success of the company.

Professionalism: We conduct business professionally for quality performance in everything we do.