Contribution Account User Guide

Dear worthy Contributor, kindly follow the brief explanations below to get acquainted with how to operate your ‘Contribution Account’.


Contribution Plans:

This shows all different contribution plans available for subscribing to.


Contribution Account:

This lets you log in/register into an/your contribution account.

After log in/registering, you get to see your contribution dashboard.

On the dashboard, you get to see the following links: dashboard, orders, downloads, addresses, payment methods, account details, logout…then: recent orders, shipping u0026amp; billing addresses, edit your password u0026amp; account details, etc.



This is the same as your contribution account which you’re currently on.

It shows all previously mentioned details.

Clicking this link reloads the current contribution account you’re on.



This displays all your contribution orders.

If you’ve not contributed and no orders are displayed, click on ‘Go to Shop’ to order some contribution plans.



This displays your invoices, receipts, etc., in downloadable PDF formats and files.

You can continue to download and re-download all your files using this link.



This shows your billing and shipping addresses to be used for you on the contribution checkout/contribution payment page.

Use the ‘Edit’ button/link to edit your addresses.


Payment Methods:

This displays all the payment methods you’ve previously used to checkout on all shopping orders.

If none is displayed, or if you wish to edit or add up a new payment method, use the ‘Add Payment Method’ button to add your preferred payment methods.


Account Details:

This lets you view/edit your personal details (names, display names, email address, password, etc.)



This lets you log out of your contribution account.


Recent Orders:

This is the same as ‘Orders’ above.


Shipping u0026amp; Billing Addresses:

This is the same as ‘Addresses’ above.


Edit Your Password u0026amp; Account Details:

This is the same as ‘Account Details’ above.


Shopping Basket:

This shows all shopping you’ve added up to your  shopping basket, and lets you increase/remove individual  items, and finally lets you checkout/make payments for them.

If you’ve got no shopping items in your shopping basket, use the ‘Go to Shop’ button to go pick up/add up your preferred shopping plans to your shopping basket.


Shopping Checkout:

This displays your billing address details, shipping address details, shopping items in your  shopping cart/basket, as well as your available and chosen payment methods…and further on lets you make payments on the shopping items in your shopping cart/basket.



This as the ‘Logout’ previously mentioned above, lets you log out of your contribution account.

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