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Farm Produce

The agricultural sector being a major sector playing a major role in poverty alleviation, combating malnutrition and unemployment has remained one of the fastest growing sectors of the Nigerian economy.

Recognizing this fact, FPE Foods and Agro-allied Ltd. leverages on the potentials of the agricultural sector to contribute to the growth and development of the agribusiness sector, thereby contributing to the diversification of the nation’s mono-economy, providing goods and services which meet the nation’s economic demand while utilizing the opportunity as an avenue for wealth creation for our investors.

Furthermore, our interest in the sector is also partly driven by the passion to see more youths getting involved in agriculture.

By virtue of our client friendly initiatives, we have been able to motivate a considerable number of youths to invest in the agricultural sector in the most pristine and dynamic way.

Basically, FPE Foods and Agro-allied Ltd. is actively involved in the cultivation of the two top world ranked products: rice & cassava.

We have about 20 hectares of land where we cultivate following agricultural produce:

* Rice – This grows well in all the six geo-political zones of Nigeria and the demand for polished long grain, stone free and odourless rice by the urban dwellers has fueled the demand for imported rice.

The annual demand for rice in Nigeria is estimated at 7 million tons, but the local production of the crop is about 3.5 million tons, which shows that there is a deficit of nearly 4 million tons.

Therefore, this shows that there is a huge demand and unsaturated market for rice in Nigeria.

FPE Foods and Agro-allied Ltd. locally produced rice is very competitive in the market unlike other local products which value chain is fragmented, fraught with poor quality (presence of extraneous materials such as stones and debris).

* Cassava – This a source of food to nearly three quarter of the world’s population.

It is regarded as a staple diet in most developing countries in the world, and it is ranked the third after rice and maize.

Nigeria is the largest producer of cassava in Africa, producing over 41 million metric tons per annum while Thailand is the world’s largest producer of cassava as they produce and export cassava products worth over $20 billion annually, while Nigeria currently produces and processes about 10,000 metric tons of cassava annually.

Notwithstanding the large amount of cassava produced in Nigeria, the demand is the still very high and the market is yet to be saturated.

Therefore, Foods and Agro-allied Ltd. is also involved in the cultivation of high quality species of cassava products for sale and for use as raw material for our Garri processing factory.

Agro-allied Processed Food Products

FPE Foods and Agro-allied Ltd. have a world class food processing factory, where we process our farm produce to other consumable food products.

Presently, we process cassava into the following products listed below;

* Garri – Garri is a creamy-white, granular flour with a slightly fermented flavor and a slightly sour taste made from fermented, gelatinized fresh cassava tubers. 

Garri is probably the most popular Nigerian staple, with different versions of taste, grain size, and color.

Garri, otherwise known as Cassava Flakes, is one of the main sources of carbohydrates and a popular staple food in Nigeria.

It is a local delicacy eaten across Nigeria, usually mixed with sugar, milk, etc and eaten however you desire. 

At FPE Foods and Agro-allied Ltd., we process cassava into high quality Garri in commercial quantity.

* Cassava Starch – There is a high demand for cassava starch in Nigeria.

It is widely used in industries such as textile, pharmaceuticals, oil drilling, paper and packaging, gum and adhesives, chemical and household products manufacturing, battery, drinks and beverages, confectionery, building materials, foods and so on. 

The demand for cassava starch in Nigeria is in excess of 350,000 tons per annum.

The current domestic production capacity to meet the estimated demand for cassava starch is less than 20 percent.

We process cassava tubers into cassava starch in commercial quantities.

* Fufu – This is a fermented wet-paste made from cassava.

It is ranked next to Garri as an indigenous food of most Nigerians in the southern part of Nigeria.

Cassava Fufu is one of the most traditional Nigerian delicacies.

It is a starchy food that is usually eaten with any kind of soups or vegetables.

One of the common types of fufu is that made out from cassava.

In Nigeria, it is called Cassava Fufu or Akpu.

We are into the production of cassava fufu in commercial quantities.

* Cassava Flour – Cassava is often used as a substitute for wheat flour, especially to make breads, cakes, pasta and dumplings.

Cassava flour’s starchy texture makes it an excellent thickener, and it is used to thicken soups, baby foods, puddings, sauces and gravies.

Cassava flour is also used as a binding agent in sausages and processed meats to keep the meat together and ensure that it does not dry out completely while it is cooked.

* Chips – They are non-fermented cylindrical shaped products of about 3-5 mm in diameter obtained from freshly harvested cassava.

Chips production is the least capital intensive cassava products with minimum investments and good return on assets employed.

We have distributors in Katsina, Sokoto, Ogun, Oyo, Lagos, and we are progressively increasing our distribution network across the country.