Our Services

Committed to excellent service delivery, we offer the following services:

Import and Export of Agricultural Products and other Commodities

The dynamism of FPE Foods and Agro-allied Ltd is exemplified in the fact that we are not just an agro-allied based company, we also engage in importation and exportation of general goods and products based on the needs and demands of our clients and customers.

General Contracts

FPE Foods and Agro-allied Ltd. is also open to undertake general contracts from individuals and corporate bodies.

We provide products and services that are durable and of high quality standard that stand the test of time.

Our products/services are known to be reliable, efficient, cost effective, scalable, secure and sustainable and always add value to our clients.

Our general contract services include:

  1. Building of standard cassava processing factory for clients.
  2. Processing of agency certification for food processing companies.
  3. Provision of professional agro-allied trainings for staff members of clients in their factory/business.
  4. Supply of factories with related machines, etc.
  5. Production of customized nylon for packaging products.
  6. Supply of raw materials like cassava tubers and pre-processed form of the product such as cassava cake, etc.