The agricultural sector is a re-emerging and important sector of the economy which has contributed immensely to the growth, development and sustenance of the economy for many ages, although it has suffered a tremendous decline as earlier stated for way too long.

However it remains the most promising sector with the brightest future in Nigeria and the world at large.

The agricultural sector being a major sector playing a major role in poverty alleviation, combating malnutrition and job creation.

It remains one of the fastest growing sectors in the economy.

Recognizing this fact, FPE Foods and Agroallied Ltd. leverages on the potentials of the agricultural sector to contribute to the growth and development of the sector thereby contributing to the diversification of the nation’s mono-economy, providing goods and services which meet the nation’s economic demand while leveraging on this for wealth creation for our investors.

Our attraction to the sector is also partly to motivate the interest of youths in the agriculture.

The significant disinterest of the average Nigerian youth in agriculture has also contributed immensely to the decline the sector has witnessed over the years.

Therefore, through our client friendly initiatives, we have been able to motivate a considerable number of youths to invest in the agricultural sector in the most pristine and dynamic way.



At FPE Foods and Agroallied Ltd., we offer a range of I. T. solutions ranging from website design, development and management, software and app development among other.

Some other services available on our Awesome Teller Platform – – include bulk SMS, Robo calls, TV and electricity bill payment, and more.



The dynamism of FPE Foods and Agroallied Ltd. is exemplified in the fact the we are not just an agro-allied based company, we also engage in importation and exportation of general goods and products based on the needs and demands of our clients and customers.



FPE Foods and Agroallied Ltd. is also open to undertake general contracts from individuals and corporate bodies.



We offer top quality products/services and solutions to our numerous and potential clients that are classified into the following;


We are actively involved in the farming of the three top world ranked products, maize, rice u0026amp; cassava.

FPE Foods and Agroallied Ltd. has about 20 hectares of land were we farm and grow the following agricultural produce;

  • Rice – it grows well in all the six geo-political zones of Nigeria and the demand for polished long grain, stone free and odourless rice by the urban dwellers has fueled the demand for imported rice. FPE Foods and Agroallied Ltd. locally produced rice is very competitive in the market unlike other local products which value chain is fragmented, fraught with poor quality (presence of extraneous materials such as stones and debris).
  • Cassava – is a source of food to nearly three quarter of the world population. It is regarded as a staple diet in most developing countries in the world, and is ranked the third after rice and maize. Nigeria is the largest producer of cassava in Africa producing over 41 million metric tons per annum while Thailand is the
    largest producer of cassava as they produce and export cassava products worth over $20 billion annually. We currently produce and process about 10,000 metric tons of cassava annually.
  • Maize – it is a cereal crop that is grown widely throughout the world in a range of agro-ecological environments. More maize is produced annually than any other grain.
  • Yam
  • Plantain


Agro-line Processing:

FPE Foods and Agroallied Ltd. has a world class processing centre were we process our farm produce to end products.

We presently process Cassava into the following products listed below;

  • Garri – is a popular West African food made from cassava tubers. To make garri, cassava tubers are peeled, washed and grated or crushed to produce a mash.
  • Starch – it is one of the most abundant substances in nature, a renewable and almost unlimited resource. Starch is produced from grain or root crops. It is mainly used as food, but is also readily converted chemically, physically, and biologically into many useful products. Starch is used to produce such diverse products as food, paper, textiles, adhesives, beverages, confectionery, pharmaceuticals, and building materials.
  • Fufu – it is a fermented wet-paste made from cassava. It is ranked next to garri as an indigenous food of most Nigerians in the southern part of Nigeria.
  • Flour – high quality cassava flour is simple unfermented cassava.
  • Chips – they are the least capital intensive with minimum investments and good return on assets employed. They are non-fermented cylindrical shaped products of about 3-5 mm in diameter obtained from freshly harvested cassava.


ICT Services:

We offer scalable end-to-end application development and management solutions from requirement analysis for deployment and rollout with design and development expertise in diverse platforms, best-of-breed tools and techniques, combined with industry best practices.

Our ICT products and services include:

  • Website design, development and management.
  • Mobile app design u0026amp; development.
  • Bulk SMS.
  • Data bundles.
  • Bills payment – electricity, TV subscription, airtime top-up and,
  • General ICT services.


Import and Export of Agricultural products and other Commodities.


General Contracts:

We provide products and services that are durable and of high quality standard that stand the test of time.

Our products/services are known to be reliable, efficient, cost effective, scalable, secure and sustainable and always add value to our clients.